Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's about time...

Well, I am finally posting the first blog. It has only taking me a couple of weeks. :) So here we go...Over the span of two years my life has been on the fast train. I moved to North Carolina with my Fiance now my hubby, for 8 months which I thought I would never leave Texas, but what a fun and beautiful adventure. The land there is georgous and there are actually four seasons. WOW! Something us Texans are not used to. We decided to move back home and we got married, bought a house, new car, and my sweet baby Sophie. ( Shes a Bichon Frise).
On my birthday, what a blessed surprise, I found out that I am going to be a mommy.
Now the time is coming near. My tummy is getting bigger and I am in the uncomfortable stage right now. I just can't wait anymore. I want to see her face. I was thinking about doing a 3-d ultra-sound. I heard those are really neat to have done. I have my next appointment on Feb 9th. I am hoping that everything goes well. Everytime I go for my monthly appointments, something is wrong. I found out that I am Anemic. So I have to take these big horse pills. Amongst the other two I take. But it is worth it. :) The next appointment that I had, I had a bladder infection. A girls friend, right. The doctor told me that sometimes pregnant women don't even realize they have them. Theres another pill to take. :)
Everything now is going great. We are getting the babies room set up. It is very exciting. Well, I have to go back to work. Until next time.....


  1. YAY! I'm glad we can be blogging friends now too! =) I hope your appointment goes good!!

  2. Hey!! Finally! hehehe...another Mommy to talk to in Blog World!